Why do we need rituals in our teams?

That’s where rituals come in.

The Wall of Fame at Beroe

The ‘Pizza Party’ to Celebrate A New Client

The ‘Machate Raho’ at Snapdeal

Rituals are like that. They build more than they carry. They become more than they hold. They create more than they express.

Now that we have successfully established why we must have rituals in our teams, the question is how to create rituals.

  1. Don’t make them cumbersome or complicated. If it takes a lot of energy to understand and apply it, it’s not a ritual. People need to enjoy it, not feel obligated to practise it.
  2. Once a ritual is established, make sure to communicate it clearly to everyone. That’s the thing, if even one person doesn’t know about a ritual, it’s not a ritual. Make sure that everyone is aware of it and everyone knows what has to be done.
  3. Be ruthlessly consistent in practising rituals till the time that it becomes a way of life.

Rituals make teams believe that there is no one greater than the whole institution or the purpose for which the institution stands. Rituals bring everyone at par with one another. Rituals make people believe that they are here for something bigger than themselves.



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